Monday, May 9, 2011

Jennifer choose Zipito booties for herself

 Bright eye-catching design and high heels, a number of occasions when the actress attended the essential footwear of choice, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc., these highly fashionable Days later, have also choose to Christian Louboutin's shoes at all important occasions, and global attention in the spotlight, even more broke out in the name of this French red soled shoes.

Jennifer Hudson was spotted in Christian Louboutin Zipito booties at the  Mary J. Blige Honors Concert.

oh God what did she do to get this thin? Someone surprised.

Such cute shoes! It’s a damn shame though. Why would you pair this dress with these heels… I would never understand. Someone was a little suspicious.

Someone prefer that this style have the value of collection. He said that he purchase them, however, he will not wear them. In his opinion, the shoes will be priceless. As long as he keep it for a few years, it will be value-added.

The christian louboutin brand was founded by christian louboutin by his name in 1992, which is world famous now. Scarlet soles of shoes is a sign of this section, highlighting women's lovely, beautiful and non-assertive mature sexy, so designer Christian Louboutin has become the richest visual impact by the patented design.

This soft suede bootie by Christian Louboutin is all about strength of line. A zipper runs up the front, while a sliver of red cuts through the gleaming metal heel.  What’s more, Louboutin logo charm dangles from exposed front zip. Besides, peep toe reveals platform. To add, 4 3/4" thin metal heel displays signature red sole.

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